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Payments to AI Algo Solution Pvt Ltd are all subscription costs. AI Algo Solution Private Limited has no refund policy. We neither offer trading advice nor act as investment consultants.

    • Our service is only limited to the creation, deployment, and upkeep of automated trading applications. All algorithms are based on back tested data, but we make no claims about how well they will work in the future.
    • Prior to deployment, the user and the algorithm running in the automated system are in agreement, and we deny any responsibility for any losses caused by the algorithm.
    • Past performance of advice/strategy/model does not indicate future performance of any current or future strategy/model or advise by Company.
    • Actual returns may differ significantly from those shown here due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to impact costs, expense charged, timing of entry/exit, timing of additional flows/redemptions, specific client mandates, unique portfolio construction characteristics, etc.
    • The goals of any strategy, model, or piece of advice offered by company are not certain or guaranteed to be achieved. Company does not promise any return on the investor's investment in the strategies, models, or advice that they provide. Neither do any of their partners, principal officers, or employees.
    • Depending on the dynamics and circumstances influencing the securities markets, an investment's value may increase or decrease company or its partners are not accountable or liable for any loss or shortfall resulting from activities that are influenced by the state of the market.
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